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Does Piccolo exist?

 Does Piccolo matter? When you go to a traditional Czech restaurant or a cafe and study their menu, you may find a list of coffee-based beverages you have never heard of before. The most intriguing ones include Vienna Coffee (coffee

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Does Piccolo matter?

Does Piccolo exist? In 2010, a coffee consultancy called Kávový klub (Coffee Club), was founded “as a response to the need to promote knowledge about fine preparation of coffee in cafes as well as at homes in the Czech Republic.” The

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Homo experiens – člověk zažívající! Přednáška 9.10., ZENIT, Praha

Přijďte si to užít! A zamyslet se nad tím, jestli je dnešní hlad po zážitcích příznakem úpadku nebo spíše svědčí o civilizačním pokroku. Proč a jak se stáváme experty na vlastní zažívání? V pátek, 9. 10.představím svůj výzkum luxusu a

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Learning to experience: My Nephew’s Adventures in Coffeeland

My 2-year-old God-son loves coffee – He loves playing with it, smelling it, moving it in “huuuuuge scoops,” and most of all, he loves to “make” it for all family members. His barista skills include filling up filter cup, tampering

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How I became Top Chef for one day.

It’s Monday so I’ve decided to bring a light personal story of how I became a Top Chef for a day. I have a secret career as an actress. I’ve never taken acting classes, never had a real acting job,

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TEXTure matters! What can chefs teach us about story-telling?

One of the most inspiring conversations I had with chefs and cooks during my fieldwork was with Milan [not his real name], a young curious cook, who tried to explain to me that every dish needs to make sense and

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Homo experiens: the human who seeks experience

It’s all about experience for the modern man and woman. We are a new human species – homo experiens, the experiencing man.   Google Ngram Viewer shows an increase in the frequency of the use of the word “experience,” compared

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The Chef is the new genius

When I think of what the new genius, the genius of the 21st century, is like, I can’t help but think of a Chef! Looking at high culture, pop culture, and even the job market, it is clear that the

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Mouthwatering images

Food porn refers to the kind of visual depiction of food that creates a desire for consumption, especially through hyper-stylization and focus on detail. Journalist and philosopher Jeremy Iggers claims that the origins of food porn are connected to advertising

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Proč nezačít rovnou něčím, z čeho vám potečou sliny? Food Porn!

Termín food porn se většinou vztahuje ke způsobu vizuálního zobrazení jídla, který vzbuzuje touhu po konzumaci, a to zejména díky hyper-stylizaci a důrazu na detail. Novinář a filozof Jeremy Iggers dává původ food porna do souvislosti s reklamním průmyslem a celkovým

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