How I became Top Chef for one day.

It’s Monday so I’ve decided to bring a light personal story of how I became a Top Chef for a day.

I have a secret career as an actress. I’ve never taken acting classes, never had a real acting job, but I’ve been going to auditions for TV ads for the last 10 years or so, and I’ve gone from extras, to featured extras, to minor roles, and I even said a line once.

In 2014, I auditioned for a role in a TV ad for M6, a French mobile company. It was for a role of a character in the “Farmer Wants a Wife” reality show. I got called back and as I was auditioning, the director asked me to try another role – a contestant in the “Top Chef” reality show. I got the role and it was fun to wear chef’s uniform once again, like I did during my fieldwork in a kitchen of a high-end restaurant. Sometimes, life just makes things come together in the sweetest ways.


You can watch the ad here:

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